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Redraw raster to vector in AutoCAD

If you want to transfer a drawing from raster to vector using AutoCAD (Redraw manually raster to vector in AutoCAD) - then you will be useful to read the following:

The following text was translated by Google Translate and corrected a little bit, so if you see a mistake - we apologize. You can leave a message for this inconvenience.
E-mail: yarcopy@inbox.ru
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So, you want to transfer images from raster to vector form using AutoCAD (redraw scanned picture or sketch in AutoCAD). And not just vectorized with various special programs, BUT namely redraw with mathematical precision. There are special programs for transferring raster to vector, such as RasterDesk or Spotlight or Corel, which give only an approximate result after tracing. Because these programs "do not understand the meaning of what they do," they are just "blindly" convert raster using a set of specific rules and functions. And the more complex the original image - the greater the distortions and inaccuracies after AUTOMATED converting raster to vector. A vector graphics in the most important - is a mathematical precision, and raster - all about, here and draw your own conclusions. Some lines in the raster can be initially deformed, or say rotated very small degree (as it inevitably will scan) or still any nibu incidents. Automated vectorizer let us make curved lines, and all one color - sit next month and to understand that what concerns, especially if the drawing is very much "garbage".

We can redraw this

We propose to re-draw your scanned image to vector format using AutoCAD. We can Convert (manually redraw) a PDF or JPG drawing into an editable Autocad Drawing. We are located in Russia. Our small copy-center is engaged in concurrent work on transfer of raster to vector. We perform this job quickly and efficiently. You can send us a job via e-mail. First we do the work, and then you review and pay. We are oriented to long-term cooperation so we try to carry out tasks qualitatively.
Work order and payments
1. You send us the job via e-mail: yarcopy@inbox.ru. It can be scanned image or other picture. And also you are sending your wishes and instructions, if necessary.
2. We determine the cost of job. Normal price range is $20 to $60 per sheet. The cost of each sheet individually determined and depends on the saturation of the drawing and on the complexity drawing elements.
3. We discuss the cost and terms of performance and we are starting to work.
4. After the work is finished, we will send you an e-mail copy as a picture for review.
5. After referring to the result of the work, you pay. You can ask us to use any of your favorite payment system. It can be PayPal or Visa or MasterCard, for example.
6. We send the vector version of the file. It will be .DWG used in AutoCAD or any other vector format you have chosen.
E-mail: yarcopy@inbox.ru        Phone(in Russia): +7 4852 93 08 77        Phone 2: +7 980 707 8183

Here you can see some examples of our transferring raster to vector:
You can expand the pictures to big size

The original image

Result vector image

2 raster original images

into one vector result image

Other examples (sorry, only in Russian yet)

Also about prices:
Prices for the service Redraw in AutoCAD can be different. The cost of each sheet individually determined and depends on the saturation and complexity of the elements. The cost does not directly depend only on the size of the sheet. To know the final cost - please send your order to the e-mail: yarcopy@inbox.ru and during the day we will get back to you. The initial assessment is free! Just try to cooperate with us!

Some available payment methods:
Логотип Webmoney Payment for services is available on the ruble and dollar purse.
Логотип Киви Available payment via QIWI.
Логотип Яндекс.Деньги Accept Yandex.Money
Логотип VISA

You can use your credit card. The money is coming in 10 minutes.

Логотип PayPal

PayPal allows you to make payments using a variety of methods.